Your Chehalis Honda Dealer Debunks 5 Car Myths

The automobile industry has been around for a long time, leading to many rumors and myths about vehicles being propagated and still believed true today. Some of these myths can be quite harmful to both you and your car, so your local Chehalis Honda dealer has debunked a few of the big ones to help you out. To learn more, visit us at Interstate Honda today.

Larger Cars Are Safer

While it’s true that many large vehicles, like heavy-duty trucks, are built with sturdy materials, the size of a car usually doesn’t correlate to its level of safety. It matters much more which safety features are present inside your vehicle, which is why the Honda Sensing® active safety suite makes even a smaller model like the Honda HR-V safe.

Idling Your Car is Better

There’s been a long debate on whether it's better for fuel efficiency to let your car idle when not in use or to turn the engine off and back on. Engine stop-start features don’t put extra wear on your engine or starter, and they lower gas and emissions besides. Turn the car off if it will be sitting for a bit.

Warm Up Your Engine in the Cold

Older cars that used a carburetor needed to be warmed up. Newer engines warm up through use, so they’ll warm up faster with a bit of low-speed driving instead of idling in your driveway. This also prevents engine wear and damage.

Manual Transmissions are More Efficient

This is another holdover from another time. Manual transmissions were once more efficient than their automatic counterparts, but these days both automatic and continuously variable transmissions offer the same or better efficiency. The automatic transmissions in modern Honda vehicles are one reason they offer such good fuel economy.

Premium Fuel Means Better Performance

Certain vehicles, such as the Honda Civic Type R, require premium gasoline. However, you’re wasting money putting premium into a car that requires regular. Follow the recommendations in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Visit Interstate Honda for Additional Information

If you have any further questions regarding these myths or any others, stop by our Chehalis, WA, Honda dealership today. While you’re here, we can assist you with a car purchase or a Honda service request. See us to learn more!