Why Buy from Interstate Honda?

Interstate Honda doesn’t sell cars; we help people buy them. While some dealerships talk about their values, we live ours daily, giving you the honesty, integrity, and professionalism you deserve. Whether you’re buying a used Honda vehicle or leasing a new Honda car, you can put your faith in a team that keeps its Promise.

The Interstate Honda Promise

When you visit our Honda dealership in Chehalis, WA, you’ll experience the Interstate Honda Promise in action.

  • We always offer competitive Honda financing rates and leasing terms.
  • We will protect your Honda with Honda Service Pass, Pre-Paid Maintenance, Theft Protection, GAP Protection, and much more.
  • We put the needs of our customers first and make you our top priority.

Keeping the Promise: 5 Things You Should Know

  • You have the right to finance on your own if you choose to do so.
  • We will work with you if you have good, bad, or even no credit.
  • Interest rates may be negotiable but are not guaranteed.
  • Interstate Honda may deduct part of the finance charge for arranging your Honda financing.
  • You are not required to purchase any protection products to secure financing or qualify for a lower interest rate

The Interstate Honda Creed

You can tell a lot about a dealership by the values they uphold. These are ours.

  • We will earn our customer's trust with honesty and integrity and commit to keeping it for a lifetime
  • We value our customers’ time, so we service vehicles right the first time
  • We are good communicators, not only with our customers but with each other
  • We take time daily to be professionally presentable to our customers. They should expect nothing less from us
  • We keep a clean work environment for our fellow teammates and customers alike
  • We plan for success and have the will to follow through, committing to doing our best every day
  • We celebrate our teammates’ successes and recognize their efforts
  • We focus on learning and growth, training every day to improve ourselves, our knowledge, and our processes to provide our customers with the best information and service; when the person is right, the world is right
  • We know attitude is a choice. We not only choose a positive attitude, but we always look for ways to change our day and the day of others for the better
  • We believe that if we help enough people change their lives, we will get every reward we want in our lives

Visit Interstate Honda in Chehalis, WA

Our Honda dealership serves the greater Chehalis area. To lease or purchase a Honda vehicle, obtain parts and accessories, schedule service, or get answers to a nagging automotive question, we invite you to call, click, or stop by Interstate Honda today. We will ensure your Honda lease or ownership experience is all it should be.