Honda Oil Change Service at Interstate Honda

Honda cars have a reputation for rock-solid dependability. Regular Honda oil change service is the best way to ensure they live up to that reputation. Interstate Honda wants our patrons to enjoy a long and safe ownership experience, so we’re explaining this essential maintenance item.

Why is Motor Oil Important?

Motor oil is a lubricant, but that’s not all it does as your engine runs. Well-lubricated parts stay cleaner, run cooler, and last longer. Furthermore, they ensure your engine doesn’t have to work as hard and can deliver the excellent fuel economy Honda cars are known for.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Suggested Service Interval

Your new Honda model’s owner’s manual has a mileage-based recommendation for oil changes or a time-based recommendation for vehicles that aren’t driven quite as often. Follow these, and you generally won’t have to put up with the other trouble signs listed below.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If your vehicle’s oil light illuminates (that’s the one that looks like an oil can), you should check oil levels as soon as it’s safe to do so. If levels are low, top off with oil from our Honda parts department. If they’re chronically low, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

You’ll likely notice your vehicle consumes more fuel than usual, a sign that your engine is working harder than necessary to provide the same driving experience you’re accustomed to. This occurs as your oil becomes saturated with dirt and debris, making it less effective at cleaning and lubricating the components underneath your vehicle’s hood.

Dark or Dirty Oil

Checking your oil is one of several Honda service tasks that you, as a driver, can perform from the comfort of your garage. Fresh motor oil appears clear with a yellow tint. Oil that is browner in color indicates that it’s time for a service appointment.

Burning Smell

If you detect a smell of burning oil inside your vehicle’s cabin, your vehicle requires immediate attention from our service technicians. At this point, your car may be unsafe to drive, so be sure to call us for advice on how to proceed once you notice the smell.

Schedule Your Oil Change Service at Interstate Honda

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms in your vehicle or it’s simply time for an oil change, schedule an appointment at the Interstate Honda service center. And if you’ve bought or leased a new vehicle, don’t forget that you have two years or 20,000 miles of Honda Service Pass coverage, so don’t let it go to waste!