Electric Vehicles 101

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever, with Interstate Honda customers wanting to enjoy EVs' terrific advantages. If you’re in the market for a Honda EV, here’s an overview to get you primed for ownership.

How do EVs Work?

Here’s a breakdown of the critical components of the typical EV at our Chehalis, WA Honda dealership:

Electric motor: the motor is what propels the vehicle. Some EVs have a single motor, and some have multiple motors for all-wheel drive capability.

Battery: the battery is like the fuel tank of an EV and is usually located in the chassis.

Battery charger: EVs have a built-in battery charger. This is where you plug in to recharge.

Transmission: most EVs have a single-speed transmission. This is because electric motors are far more efficient than gas engines.

Inverter: the inverter converts electricity from AC to DC to store in the battery, then back to AC when used in the electric motor.

EV Advantages

There are several advantages to buying an EV at Interstate Honda. Here are some examples:

Few/no emissions: if you want to decrease your impact on the environment, owning an EV is a big help. Full electric cars don’t require gasoline or oil, so they don’t emit any of the gases often associated with environmental problems.

Low maintenance: cars with traditional combustion engines require expensive maintenance over their lifetimes. This is because a conventional combustion engine has hundreds of moving parts exposed to wear and tear and damage. These parts need to be maintained and replaced by trained Honda service technicians. On the other hand, today’s EVs have far fewer powertrain components – some as few as 20. This means that EVs have far lower long-term maintenance costs.

Engaging performance: the performance level of EVs has skyrocketed in just the last decade. Electric cars are lighter than traditional automobiles and integrate aerodynamic exterior styling for enhanced performance. Moreover, since all their power is generated from a “quiet” start, EVs deliver instantaneous torque – so their acceleration capability is outstanding.

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